Terms and Conditions

1-1 This provision regulates the activities of WealTie Fundraising and Investment Program which is privately held by WealMind, Inc. - here and after referred to as the "WFIP" - and explains all aspects of the WFIP's work.
1-2 The WFIP conducts its activities through the website www.wealtie.com, working with clients and investors over the internet and directly by the electronic and traditional communication services throughout the world.
1-3 To become a WFIP investor or donor and continue using this service, a user must carefully read the following provision and agree to its terms and conditions. If you do not wish to accept these terms and conditions, you shouldn't continue to use the service provided by the WFIP.
1-4 All terms and conditions for clients and investors is same for Business entities and companies except it will conflict with United States of America law for Business entities and companies. In this case or plan has flexibility to be opportunity for Business entities and companies under United States of America law for Business entities and companies.

2-1 Invest in and donate to the WFIP is a voluntary and independent decision of every client.
2-2 Signing up for an account, invest in our plans and working with us starts with the procedure of specifying customer identification data. This information may be provided in a client's sole discretion, and will be later used to identifying and support clients for better service and support.
2-3 The same client may donate several times or request for open multiple account for investment in the WFIP's programs for the use in his/her sole discretion.
2-4 The account can be closed upon customer's request at the end of the investment period.
2-5 Donations are nonrefundable. For donation over $300 we will issue a written receipt upon request.

3-1 The WFIP provides investment services which enable to invest via WFIP in its business and any other related businesses.
3-2 PWIP Capital Plan implies following conditions: In order from left to right Plan, Capital, Annually Rate, Investment Rate, and Total compound minimum Rate.
A, 2.4 Million U.S. Dollar & Above, 15.00%, 0.6125%, 17.45%.
B, 1.68~2.4 Million U.S. Dollar, 15.00%, 0.6000%, 17.40%.
C, 960,000.00~1.68 Million U.S. Dollar, 15%, 0.5875%, 17.35%.
D, 480,000.00~969,000.00 U.S. Dollar, 15%, 0.5750%, 17.30%.
E, 240,000.00 ~ 479,000.00 U.S. Dollar, 12.50%, 0.5500%, 14.70%.
F, 72,000.00 ~ 239,000.00 U.S. Dollar, 10.00%, 0.5250%, 12.10%.
G, 24,000.00 ~ 71,000.00 U.S. Dollar, 10.00%, 0.4750%, 11.90%.
H, 1,000.00 ~ 23,000.00 U.S. Dollar, 9.00%, 0.3850%, 10.50%.
3-3 Compounding Interest is calculated based on the Investment Rate and will be paid quarterly, and will be calculated on quarterly investment revenue, while the Investor decided to, and will reinvested Investment Revenue.
3-4 For raising Principal Capital Investment Period is considered from the time of new contract.
3-5 Annually Rate is rate of interest which is Fixed Interest Rate in Investment Period.
3-6 Investment Rate is Float Interest Rate which may change every quarter in Investment Period depend on WFIP business situation.
3-7 Total Compound Minimum Rate is estimated Annual Revenue Rate for investor.
3-8 Principal Capital will be repaid to investor at the end of Investment Period.
3-9 Interest is calculated based on the Annual Rate and depends on Plan Grade will be paid on fixed date.
3-10 For Investment Revenue interest will be calculated based on the Investment Rate and will be paid quarterly.
3-11 Investors can raise Principal Capital or Reinvest Investment Revenue on Principal Capital.

4-1 Before WFIP investing investors capital in any project, investors are obligated to transfer their money to WFIP account and keep the receipt.
4-2 Interests are calculated from the date that amount received by WFIP.
4-3 To receive the payment by investors, both investors and WFIP may use the fallowing payment systems: Check (only U.S.A.), Bank Wire Transfer (SWIFT) and PayPal.
4-4 Upon request of investors, payments will be paid by suggested legal transaction ways of investors throughout the world, under California State, Federal and U.S. Department of Treasury law.
4-5 To invest money in WFIP, investors need to transfer the fund to WFIP Bank Account, PayPal, send check or cashier check (only U.S.A.) and Money Order (only U.S.A.).
4-6 Profit can be reinvested if an investor has selected the compounding option.

5-1 The WFIP undertakes obligations associated with safe storage of clients and investors personal account.
5-2 The WFIP does not disclose personal data of its clients or investors to any third party.
5-3 The WFIP may provide clients and investors data only under United State of America Court decision.
5-4 The WFIP guarantees the regulatory of payouts under condition of the investment plan.
5-5 The WFIP guarantees that an investor will receive a stable positive profit percent regardless of the trading session.
5-6 The WFIP bears no responsibility for malfunction of the payments used by the clients and investors for conducting financial operations. If the financial operation associated with insertion or withdrawal of funds fails to be completed because of malfunction of payment system which is not related to WFIP, the WFIP reserves the right to shift the term of the operation to the date when the system will be resolved.
5-7 Any news and updates will be issued on WFIP's official website.

6-1 A client or investor accepts the terms of this agreement as is and agrees the she/he should be at least 18 years old.
6-2 A client or investor agrees to safely keep his/her personal data and valuable documents such as Agreement, Promissory Note, Receipts and etc. and he/she is fully aware of the responsibility for their loss.
6-3 If anyone wants to become a WealTie Fundraising and Investment Program investor or client, he or she has to stick to the term and condition of this agreements as well as Privacy policy.
6-4 It will be clients and investors responsibility to be up to date with WFIP's news and amendments.

7-1 The WFIP disclaims any liability for any damages caused to the clients and investors, of the WHIP's activity is subject to force majeure circumstances, including but not limited to national disasters, military actions, strikes, wars or any breakdown in normal communications or utilities infrastructure service, etc.
7-2 The period of liability suspension during force majeure is defined by an independent auditing company, engaged by The WFIP.
7-3 The WFIP is not liable for system failures or data loss caused by the WFIP's customers.

8-1 The WFIP may unilaterally add amendments to the provision.
8-2 In this case the WFIP is obligated to notify customers in advance 2 weeks before the change is to take effect.
8-3 Amendments made to this provision shall not conflict with an earlier version of this provision.
8-4 All items of this provision are fully consistent with the law jurisdiction of the United States of America and California State, and are not contrary to International law.