Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you operate from?
We established our business in the California, U.S.A. with the objective of providing High Quality American Healthcare and Medical Products in all seven continents.

What are WealTie Fundraising and Investment Program?
WealTie Fundraising and Investment Program ("WFIP," "We" or "Us") is a privately held program by WealMind, Inc. WealMind engaged in trading world market commodities, such as Medical Equipment and Supplies, Dental Instrument and Supplies and Healthcare Products. WFIP has been offering the worldwide community its investment services and cooperation. WFIP has launched for those who are interested in high return. Our service oriented towards any kind of investor, whether a beginner or an advanced professional. Anyone who seeks to build a long-term Investment Fund, in Medical and Healthcare Industry without using expensive and complicated methods. This program is a great opportunity, in which all returns are generated from investments in diverse sectors of Healthcare, Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Which payment processors I can use to make deposit?
- To receive the payment by investors, both investors and WFIP may use the fallowing payment systems: Check (only U.S.A.), Bank Wire Transfer (SWIFT) and PayPal.
- To invest money in WFIP, investors need to transfer the fund to WFIP Bank Account, PayPal, send check or cashier check (only U.S.A.) and Money Order (only U.S.A.).

What is PayPal and how can I use it?
PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial details.
PayPal is the most preferred way to pay online throughout the world because it's safer and faster. PayPal stores and safeguards your card and bank details, enabling you to pay online without entering your sensitive financial information every time you shop. You speed through checkout in just a few clicks, PayPal takes the payment from your card or bank directly, and your payment details are never shared on the internet.

Why pay with PayPal?
It's safer: Shop at thousands of websites without sharing your financial details.
It's faster: With no need to type in your card details, you can check out in a few clicks.
It's easier: All you need is an email address and password to pay online.
It takes minutes to open a PayPal account and it's free. For a quick introduction to the basics of PayPal watch this short demo.

Who can participate in this program?
Everyone from any country in the world can participate in this program.

Can I make multiple deposits?
Yes, our service is structures with traditional "saving account" feature in mind, where investors may wish to make additional investments on the regular basis, per their investment needs.

How soon after initial investment company will pay my investment profit?
Example: Investor deposited his/her money to WFIP Bank account, depends on plan she/he chooses, WFIP financial department will start to calculate profit regarding to investment plan, and Investment Revenue will be paid quarterly from the date that fund is received by WFIP.

Is there any fee?
No, we do not have any fee involved with our withdrawals. Banks, PayPal or any other Financial Institutions who may handle transaction between WFIP and its clients and investors, may charge for their service, and it is depends on which state in USA, or country our investors are living, and also its currency exchange or transaction terms and conditions.

Will WFIP disclose my personal or investment information?
Your privacy is our business. We do not sell, rent, distribute or give away any information voluntarily provided by you. We do not share any information voluntarily provided by you with any third parties.

How secure is my invested funds?
Your investment is totally safe. WFIP tries to provide a reliable Investor Protection to avoid any losses. See contract terms.

Is compounding feature available on Investment Plans?
Compounding is available on all investment plans, upon investors' request.

How long does it take for my deposit (for profit and principal capital return) to be transferred to my personal account?
All deposits will be done by fallowing payment systems: Check (only U.S.A.), Bank Wire Transfer (SWIFT) and PayPal, and depends on which state or country you are time is changing.

Do you accept several such deposits on a single day?
Yes, you can make as many additional deposits as you like at any time at your convenience. All this transactions are handled separately, unless you want to add it together. Please keep your transactions receipts, and mention you need to add all your transactions together or handled separately.

Can I make a deposit by credit card, check or wire transfer?
Yes, to invest money in WFIP, investors need to transfer the fund to WFIP Bank Account, PayPal, send check or cashier check (only U.S.A.) and Money Order (only U.S.A.). Credit Cards are acceptable by PayPal.

How long will my Investment Principal Capital be held by WFIP or when will my Investment Period expire?
Your Investment Principal Capital will be returned to you a day after contract expiry date, which is noted in your contract with WFIP.

Can I re-invest?
You can renew your contract at maturity but this process is manual, and it will be processed upon your request at least 30 day before expiration date.

How long should I invest for?
Choosing the investment pattern is very individual, you should be determined with the purpose of your investment. If you need urgent profit and have ready cash, use short term. If you don't need urgent earnings, then a medium-term with annual interest is an ideal solution for you. For those who wish to receive the maximum profit and have a stable income we recommend the long-term, an indicator of serious investment. Our short term plan is 180 day with investment rate which will be paid quarterly.

What company does with my money?
WFIP is not buying or selling any stock of any company with investors invested capital. WFIP use this money to invest on its own business in diverse sectors of Healthcare, Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

I wish to meet you personally.
We are based in Los Angeles County, California, U.S.A. and we are welcome to people who want to be our representatives throughout the world. This is investors right to know where do they investing their money. We could not schedule meeting for everyone yet, but in the future we will have many representatives for answering your questions face to face. We put the investors who has available amounts over 1 million U.S Dollar for investment into WFIP, in our priority for face to face meeting on national and international Dental, Medical and Healthcare exhibitions. At such meetings we allow to familiarize with the documents for the following investment period, in the warm intimate atmosphere allowing to learn each other closely.

How secure is my investment?
A real investor always knows that absolutely safe investment is impossible. Our company's partners and we have been working for many years in diverse sectors of Healthcare, Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Our experience in this market show us the revenue of the market and WFIP is published as an opportunity for does who wants to invest their money on this market, and what we do is creating high potential plan which is work hybrid of our experience, knowledge and their money all-together in win-win program with our fixed interest rate plans, and the place for investment that we guarantee the results. Also we are working with our knowledgeable experienced business partners who working for you that your money always be in high revenue and low risk situation in your investment period. All you have to do after this is sit back, trust us and watch your investments accumulate, which is being sent you as quarterly statements. Please see contact terms.

I still have not seen here an answer to my question. What should I do?
Contact us by sending us email from support form, or join us to live chat. The support team will be glad to help you at any time.